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Is it possible to move or rename torrents after completion?


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I wonder if it's possible? Moving the folder (including all the parts) to a different location without breaking the seeding? And if it is, how can uTorrent know what to seed and what not to?

And renaming the folder.

Are these things possible?


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Assuming you rename nothing, you can:

right-click, stop the torrent

move the files and folders

right-click - advanced - set download location

point it at the new location

right-click and force a re-check

then start the torrent.

Hey that works :P

Or if you want to move all downloaded torrents automatically, looks at Preferences > Downloads

Yeah I knew that. Thanks anyway :)

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That was an excellent answer....... to half of the question! I'm scouring the forum to find out if I can rename torrent folder such as from "Top 100 Legal MP3's [Torrent Ville]" to simply "Top 100 Legal MP3's". I must admit before finishing the above sentence, i re-read DreadWingKnight's response.. and ignored his very first sentence of "Assuming you rename nothing". So I WAS able to rename a completed folder on my system and still allow utorrent to continue seeding it with it's original name. Right on!

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