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Amoeba Logo


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This is an idea I just got for a uTorrent logo. It's an amoeba because uTorrent is a tiny program as we all know, and this emphasizes that point. It's green as always (and what's wrong with that?) and comes in many different flavors!




These are just 3 of the 5 different types to give you a good idea. There is also a lesser gradient going upwards and a full gradient going downwards.

I don't have a real host right now, if anyone wants to host it for me it would be great! Right now you can download it via one of those free file hosting places though:

Download it!


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well, I hate to burst your bubble but...

As the new user interface administrator, my job is to coordinate the user interface/logo side of µTorrent. So I'll be setting some official guidelines here.

Ludde wants something where the µ is not the "focus". What this means is that there shouldn't be a µ in the logo. We want something that represents the nature of µTorrent, but not accomplishing this through explicit use of the "µ" symbol.

The logo will be µTorrent's identity, it will replace the default icons in the program and will be used on the site, which will be replaced with a new one soon.

Boo's footprint, BloodStaindHurricane's square with lines, MechR's "shuffle" are good submissions and examples. And as Boo said in the last post, the logo should display good in 16x16. It should also "fill up" most of the available space.


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