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XP and 1.7.1


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i think its causing my pc to crash then reset, is this a memory leak?

and it only seems to happen when downloading at 300kbs+. though, it could do it at 100kbs... as ive only just figured out that utorrent could be the problem, so im not too sure on the threshold

yes, i know 1.7.2 is out but the update button reports the latest version...

so whats the prognosis? and should i downgrade? as i don't remember having that problem with 1.6...

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i don't get any errors what so ever, it just resets....

edit: ok, update...

the route of the problem seems to be this 'Netgear Ethernet (fa312nd5.sys)'

ive disabled it, and it seems to be responsible for port forwarding and uploading, im going to try to replace it tomorrow(its 2am here)

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