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Automatic hash re-check after download complete?


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I tried uTorrent and I must say I liked it. I was using Bitcomet all the time and I am used to it, but after trying uTorrent I think I will change my torrent clients.

However since I like everything to be for sure, I want to ask - is there a way to make uTorrent automatically re-check downloaded files hash after download is finished? I always used this option in Bitcomet and from time to time some parts of files needed to re-download. So I want to be sure my files are 100% OK.

And another thing - how it is best to tune uTorrent cache for the least usage of HDD? RAM is not an issue here. I always had 256 MB reserved for cache in Bitcomet configuration options.

Keep up the great work.

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I know that it automatically checks each peace. Just like Bitcomet did. And still, from time to time there where downloads with some parts that needed to be re-downloaded. Don't know why. Crash, reboot, bad HDD drivers (not drives), whatever.

When I'm downloading files I want to be sure they are 100 OK so I don't get nasty surprises later after downloading and archiving Gigabytes of data.

So just answer my question. Thanks.

Edit: I think I've seen this option in earlier version, but now I can't seem to find it. Oh well, and the worst I can just use manual re-check :)

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