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setting up utorrent 1.7.2


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due to the amazing efforts of windows xp pro i somehow lost my version 6 of utorrent completely and have now downloaded 1.7.2 but of course i have no idea of the settings that i need to get it to run.

i have downloaded a few torrents but they are just sitting there with red downward facing arrows doing nothing.

so is there a comprehensive tutorial for setting up version 1.7.2 i have a d-link 302g modem router thingy i still have utorrent in my exceptions for ports and when i go into options/speed guide it comes up green and lists the current port as open.

so i am at a loss as to what to do now i know that there used to be a webpage that went into the settings for d-link router/modem thingies but i cannot remember the settings.

this may not be the place for this post but i thought it best to put it here than clog up the rooms.

any help appreciated.



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hold that thought i just found it cheer's guy's for all your help.

thanks switeck i went straight back and got completely rid of 1.7.2 and then redownloaded 1.6 and it worked perfectly all the original settings were there without me having to do a thing (and that is very good for the computer) anyhow there is just one little thing now i cannot find a way to get a desktop icon/shortcut when i shut utorrent down i have to go back to the folder and run it again so any tips for that one?

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