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Bandwidth Throttle?


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I want to limit utorrent use of my bandwidth so i can surf, collect emails, etc - at the moment i have to close utorrent down when i want to use the web ( i had to shut it down to post this message)

I have 2 megabit connection and i only want uTorrent to use 50%-60% of that

Any ideas?

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Been twiddling around and for the benefit of anyone with similar problem i made some discoveries - namely

Band width throttle is not intuative and is proportional to bandwidth available and not bandwidth in use (it doesn't behave like 'a cap' as it implies) - e.g. if i am downloading a file @ 7 kB/s on a 200 kB connection you would assume setting a 'cap' @ 100 kb/s down would make no difference at all

In fact it does - whilst it doesn't affect the download, it greatly affects remaining band width for surfing, etc

I run a speedtest which regularly checks my 2 megabit connection out at 1970 - 2000 kbits/sec which is always there or there abouts - decided to run same check whilst still running uTorrent (to see how much juice was left) and it checked me out at average 190 (10%) after several tests including one at 21 kbits (1%) - i bet you've never seen the google page without the google logo (took some 10 seconds to d/load)

I don't know what uTorrent was doing with the 'whole' of my bandwidth whilst downloading a lousy 7kB/s but it was consuming it 'all'

Applied the throttle (which shouldn't make any difference) and the test speed started to rise

Although it's not exactly proportional I eventually settled at throttle 50 down and 15 up which left me a very acceptable 1100 - 1500 surf speed

The exact proportions are not perfect but

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