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Support multiple connections/Ip-addresses


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I know the trackers support it, so why not let the client do it aswell? I'm talking of course about listening on ALL ip's adresses of the machine, not just randomly pick one each time uTorrent is started.

For now i'm forced to have 4 copies of uTorrent running at the same time, then binding each one to 1 ip in the advanced tab of options. Is this how it's supposed to be?

Also, why so you force me to suspend each uTorrent before I can start the next one? (Otherwise it wont start) I dont see the point in making stuff difficult...

Thanks for great software otherwise... but try to stick to fundamentals :)

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A lot of the problems involved with this come with the way that it is required to announce one's presence to the tracker.

For each connection you bind to, you MUST make a separate announce to each tracker. Additionally, there is no guarantee that your outbound connections will always take the best route out of your system to get to the internet.

This is before you get into the issues that windows generates with multiple network adapters in a single system.

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