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Auto relaunch


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There should be an option to automatically relaunch the application when utorrent crashes. It is annoying to come back to the computer after a couple days of possible transferring and there is a dialog box sitting there asking whether you want to launch it again. OF COURSE, I want you to relaunch!

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I must agree with johnmcgrawn in this case.

I was just away for a week, and returned to home just to see that uTorrent had crashed while I was away. In my case uTorrent doesn't crash too often, but when it does I'd like it to relaunch automatically. I'm going away for another week tomorrow and I'm going to leave uTorrent running, and I must say that I'll be very disappointed (again) if it'll crash a day or two after I've left.

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hmmm I don't think I've ever seen utorrent crash. So to me, it's not really necessary :P

But anyway, rather than requesting auto-re-launch, how about with a few restrictions?

(like max # of auto-relaunches, or only re-launch if it hasn't crashed in the past x time)

that aside, I second the notion of finding what's causing it to crash :P

As stable as it is, I don't think a auto-restart really is all that necessary :)

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This remains the one missing "feature" of utorrent.

The answer is always "solve the crash problem" as if it was some problem on the user's end, YET almost every utorrent release notes has entries that say "solved crash that occurs when... ", so it is clear and obvious that there are utorrent bugs that cause crashes.

To be honest, every time that I have called technical support for a commercial software or hardware product, when I know (through years of experience) that the problem is not on my end, nevertheless they always require you to do various things on your end ("delete all your cookies" is a famous one that never does anything).

The crash relaunch dialog does not need to be shown on crash, it should be part of the preferences. No one ever makes a different choice, they always make the same choice, so it should be in the preferences.

Xtex's idea is perfectly reaonable, set a limit on number of relaunches, so it doesn't get into a loop.

PLEASE do this, thanks !

( And I do want to echo the several other users above who pointed out the frustration when hours laters, instead of having seeded or downloaded for hours, one finds that only a fraction of what one expected has occurred due to the crash. )

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