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uTorrent breaks my inernet connection!


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I seem to have a compatibility issue between uTorrent and my internet connection. As soon as uTorrent establishes a connection with the network, my connection goes down and I have to reboot my modem.

My setup:

1) 8 Mbps ADSL connection with recorded d/l speed of >2000 kbps and u/l of 300 kbps

2) D-Link modem

3) Netgear wireless router - the router obtains it's IP address dynamically from the ISP but forwards to a static IP address for my computer. I have forwarded the ports correctly.

4) New laptop with Vista (I can't remember having this problem with XP) - I am using Norton Internet Security but have disabled its firewall in preference to Windows Firewall and made an exception for uTorrent, as well as specifying port 50202 (TCP and UDP). I've also applied a Vista patch I found in the Shareaza forums to increase the number of incoming connections allowed and I have checked all the security options on my folders are correct.

I also have this same problem when I use Shareaza, so I think there is an issue with any P2P software.

If I do not use any P2P programmes, the internet works without issue.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.


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Thanks for all the advice guys.

I don't think my modem is the problem - when I plug directly into it I have no problems downloading (mind you that was with my previous laptop, XP and Avast).

I've tried installing Avast but unfortunately setup fails each time I try. Can't seem to find any online troubleshooting for Avast... any ideas?

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