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no incoming connection


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I have one observation

on pc when install a tons of up security patch I always have yellow triangle and message no incoming connection, WHEN test THE PORT, IS CLOSED but the download is work I closed antivirus nod, closed tiny firewall, closed firewall in router, configure Nat properly set static IP addressee but the situation is same

in other pc when only install sp2 I always has green indication and good download

I reed about the same trouble with yellow indication and no connection message with working download but nothing about connection with up security patch

good download


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I think what (s)he's trying to say is that some post-SP2 Windows security patch has messed up the system and doesn't allow uTorrent to show a green check-mark.

I have Automatic Updates on and my system is always updated fully, and I have no problems at all. Of course, a security (or other) patch could possibly affect your modem/router drivers etc. so that's not ruled out, but IMO it's nothing universal that the uTorrent developers can fix. Make sure it's not your hardware's fault before complaining against uTorrent!

Check your settings and whether some other security software is affecting your downloads. Also ensure your connection settings in uTorrent are within the recommended limits for your speed. 99.9% of the time if these are all OK, uTorrent does its job really well without any problems whatsoever.

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