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Seeding Problem


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Any advice for this seeding problem...

Been using utorrent since v1.2 so pretty well versed. I get respectable dl speeds on a 7.6Mbps/800kbps connection of around 750kB on a good torrent from a private tracker and anywhere from 450kB to 600kB from a public tracker... no complaints there...

However where I'm really struggling is seeding - especially to private trackers eg: even the most popular torrent will be lucky if it's reseeded 5 - 10% of it's total... even after days.

To sign off what I think is the obvious:

Test Torrent Open Office Org - Yes hits a peak of 800kB on a good day, worst yet 720kB

Port open - Yes passes port check

OS Firewall - Yes same prob when on XP as on Vista now

TCP/IP Patched - Yes to no more than 50

NIC Optimised - Yes with speedguide.net optimiser

ISP - No shaping or banning from ISP I'm aware of and have asked

Torrent Volume - No change with no torrent downloading or 1 - 2 downloading

Advanced Options - Default settings apart from net.max_halfopen *40

Router - Have tried a DLink 504T, G604T, Speedtouch 545, Netgear WGT634U, and 2 Linksys WAG54G V3 [worst router on the planet]

Am very close to the ratio kiss of death with fav private tracker so really want to resolve... thanks in advance for any advice and yes I've read thru forum but do not want to make any changes that would kill my dl speed at this point!!

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OTHER places - mixed results but predominantly below avg speed on all - vary rare to get a good seed and can remember very few times that I've achieved 100% seed

"Comcast subscriber" - No never heard of it

Firon - "Most people can't seed on private sites because there's no leechers" - excuse the stupid question but.... how the hell are you supposed to maintain a ratio with these trackers?

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