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Show Remaining amount of file


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  • 8 months later...

Here's where it should be shown...


Remaining "time" = useless... remaining "size" = something I'm always looking for...

And when the screen size is so small you'd like to keep more important things on the screen, and look below for info that should be there per-torrent...

It's just common UI sense.

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Well, seeing as though General is the cover-all information page for each torrent, I can't see why that info -- visible through a list column -- isn't shown. It's just common sense.

Why is it that every time I suggest something that's just common sense, I get greeted with a slew of "Well your idea sucks so stfu"? No real reason why not, just "I don't like your idea because it makes too much sense"?

Come on...

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... did I say either of those things?

The information isn't unavailable, it's just not listed in the General tab like alot of other information. This request doesn't add a feature, it's a personal preference, or, as I see it, saving you the trouble looking up in the list area? It non-critical, helps roughly 1 person, and not something that is important enough to require reworking the General tab.

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Wait, so you're arguing that the General tab should show all information, yet you want to remove the Remaining Time because you think it's useless? And why is it wrong to question a feature request? I don't see where Determination has been uncivil about it thus far, so I'm not following where those accusations are coming from.

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CONSISTENCY! You want to change them ALL to Time??

Downloaded: 5m 10s

Total: 12h 1m 39s

Remaining: 11h 56m 29s

Give me a fucking break! Why do I have to spell this out for you?

And "Look up in the column"? The column is an OVERVIEW. If I click for detailed information on a torrent, that info from the columns should be there in the DETAILS as well as MORE information!

Any more dumbass shit like this and I'll track down Ludde's address and ask him directly. You people are beyond retarded...

Plus, if you want remaining TIME, KEEP it there - Download speed has some "average" speed (that's almost never correct - try it on a LAN torrent with consistant speeds) as well as the current speed, so Remaining can have Remaining: ([TIME]).

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ohh yes, i didnt notice there was a column for remaining size :P


Time Elapsed - Time remaining

Downloaded Size - Download Speed

Uploaded Size - Upload Speed

Seeds - Peers

don't see what the problem with it is.

anyway perhaps the info u want should be posted as well, however not where u want it, should be a lot more usefull where the current "General - Size" is, showing somethen like: 201MB total (151MB done - 50MB Remaining), no need to delete useful info because of it

and threatening to contact ludde? come on...

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