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torrent stuck, and will not start again


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it seems my utorrent client is possessed.

I'm torrenting this huge (6.03gb) file, and it's at 77%. My download and upload speeds have been extremely chaotic, but i can deal with it

about half an hour ago, my internet hiccuped (it turned off for about 10 seconds, buy my router re-connected), but my torrent came to a dead stop.

since then, it has not sped up at all, upload and download are sitting at 0 kB/s. I have not attempted to alter the preferences at all, but i did try force starting, pausing, and stopping a few times (not in that order)

oh and the arrow is blue and pointing down, meaning the trackers are reading fine

edit: nevermind, it's now a red down arrow, is there anything i can do or should i just wait for the trackers to came back online?

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it's reading one or two working and the rest as offline(timed out)

my download speed just went up to 10kB/s, but my upload it hovering at 67kB/s

update: this is just weird, all of the trackers are down again (they were all working for about 30 seconds) and the download speed is at 30kB/s!

and the red arrow is back, great.

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