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two clients?


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i was wondering if it was possible to run two clients at the same time downloading the same torrent but different files inside the torrent. each client set to download at a different location on the hard drive.

the idea is to utilize my full bandwidth to download a torrent. is this considered cheating?, even though i intend to seed the torrent?

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so suppose i have set my upload at 30kBps on a torrent and am able to download only at 70kBps on a line which has a maximum down speed of 220kBps..

.. now if i decide to split the download between two clients and set 15kBps upload on each client.

would i get a total of 140 kBps from the two clients or would each client download at 35kBps?

and would i be banned from the networks for appearing twice on the peer list of other downloaders?

(i am assuming that the average download rate i would receive would be decided on number of clients downloading from the swarm and not the number of unique ips)

.. hope i made myself clear..

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Effectively you'd just be doing some of what utorrent does anyway - split up the torrent into parts and download them separately.

Utorrent already does make several connections to download.

If you are having problems with speed, either your connection settings need to be checked or your isp is throttling bittorrent traffic.

There's nothing wrong with "appearing twice on the peer list", it's just that it's pointless; there is no advantage in doing so.

(if you had 2 separate internet connections I suppose it might make more sense, depending on the configuration... but that's a different story)

so... make sure you have the right connection settings (use the speed guide and the rest of the tests on that form) and enable encryption.

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If you're only uploading at 15 KiloBYTES/sec instead of 30 KiloBYTES/sec...then instead of getting 70 KiloBYTES/sec download speed, you might only get 20-30 KiloBYTES/sec!

BitTorrent is vaguely tit-for-tat...but if others are 'out-uploading' you, then the peers you're uploading to are MORE likely to upload to others rather than to you.

That is why the AVERAGE upload speed PER upload slot is actually important. You don't have to be fast -- you just have to be faster than some/most.

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@Lord Alderaan



thanks for your replies, and i get the point that you guys are making.

... adding more........ in a sec

the reason i am asking these questions is because i have a monster size torrent which i absolutely have to download. but it does not have many seeders (its on open trackers so ppl are not sticking around to seed).

now i've been getting somewhere around 20kBps down since a few days on this torrent. but my patience ran thin yesterday so i got fed up and tried downloading parts of the torrent on a client i had never tried before.. bitlord. it started giving me 120kBps on the same torrent. now, according to a few people on some other forums that google turned up , bitlord is not a fair client to use.(i read these reports later)

but what got me worried was that as soon as i started usin bitlord the download speed on utorrent dropped to 2kBps.. so i started thinking that maybe i am getting banned for using bitlord or appearing twice on the peer lists.... any further insight?

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