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Public wireless connections


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Hi, new user of Utorrent here, and so far I'm loving it. Was a longtime user of Azureus...and yeah, I still don't entirely understand Network settings and whatnot.

Just wondering, considering I do all my high speed internet stuff on wireless hotspots, what's the best Port and settings I should use?

At the cafe I go to a lot, I used port 6881 for Azureus and usually get around 30-40 kb/s which is pretty much the fastest it's gona get which is fine with me I suppose. I was using the initial port when I first downloaded UT but it was going much to slow and often wouldn't start downloads, so I switched the port to 6881 and now it performs about as well as Azureus did. However, the FAQ recommends not using ports 6881-6889 or something like that? So I was wondeirng if anyone had any suggestions.

Laptop specs: AMD Turion 64 1.8ghz, 1gb RAM, WinXP sp2, Windows Firewall

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