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It's not really a bug, but. . . . . .


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I'm new in uTorrent-Forum and I think most of my time will be spent in the speed-forum.

When downloading a torrent, I really often look on statistics and noticed that quite a lot

of information is displayed on the general-screen.

There's also a section displaying the data of the tracker(s).

I got the "English" version and everything is displayed in English (like: working - http error and so on), except for one text I never managed to read completely.

It's something about the target-PC rejecting a connection - that one is in GERMAN!!!???

Why that? Do only Germans reject torrent-connections :)

Or is it used to force the world learning German?

Or just simply a glitch?

I'm Dutch, live in Germany and therefore not having problems with German text.

But somehow I think, this wasn't meant to be that way.

Greetings to all of you,

The outsider

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OK - I'll take that as a possible cause - localized??

Then I don't understand why is a certain status "error" and not localized FEHLER??

And why is another status "working" and not localized AKTIV or ARBEITEND or something like that.

All other status-messages are in English - just this particular one not.

That's quite confusing.


The Outsider

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