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cFosSpeed for 9Euros til 22-12-2005


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First off: I'm not associated with them in any way, shape or form, (apart from using their cFosSpeed driver).

But for those that are interested they currently have a xmas special going where you can buy it for private use before 22-12-2005 for 9euros, (normally 29).

Seeing as a few people on the forums were using it, I thought others might be interested enough to try it out for a couple of weeks free, (the trial period is 30 days), before spending any money on it - it's a very good deal.

Apologies for what is probably completely off-topic and categorised as commercial but it does work very well with uTorrent here.

You'd also be well-advised to read what others on the forum have said regarding it - just search for 'cFos'.

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I actually did the speed test and they sent me a free registration but I've also just bought another copy for 9euros for another machine and are seriously thinking of another copy for someone else.

Since ATM it's 3 for the price of 1 ;)

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