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RSS downloader broken.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Taking a look now... thanks!

Edit: It looks like the rss.dat you posted does not include the filters in your screenshots. Can you please update the rss.dat to include both (the initial one that fails and the duplicate that works) filters?

Also, looking at your original thread, you mentioned it broke on 1.7.3. Which was the last version that worked for you? Does it still not work on 1.7.5?

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It's not just happening to that particular filter but all of them from time to time. Like I mentioned in the original thread, uTorrent sometimes fail to recognize a torrent though the filter hasn't changed at all.

I believe the problem has been there before v1.7.3 but I didn't need to create new filters as uTorrent is able to download them after a while. Starting from v1.7.3 onwards, it won't recognize the torrent unless I create a new filter.

All filters in the rss.dat I've sent you are new ones I created few weeks ago since the old ones weren't working. The filter settings are the same. I've even tried deleting the rss.dat and the rss.dat.old files.

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If you happen to encounter the problem again, could you please save out the rss.dat file with the new working filter and old "broken" filter? Please copy out this file before exiting uTorrent, just to reduce other possible changes that may occur upon shutdown. I can then manually compare the filters for possible causes.

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Will do.

EDIT : Some updates, I don't know what's going on anymore...

Look at the 1st and 2nd torrent.


When I click "Add to favorites" for the 2nd torrent, the filter doesn't detect it.


The 1st however works.


uTorrent then downloads the one that it fails to recognize instead of the other one.


Here's the link to my rss.dat - http://rapidshare.com/files/63420420/rss.dat.html

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Hi, sorry to bring this up again. But I somehow replicated the problem.

Here are the rss.dat (plus the backup inside the appdata): http://hitokiri.works.googlepages.com/rss.dats.zip

RSS: http://www.baka-updates.com/rss.php

The following filters seems not to work:

Strike-Subs Sora o Kakeru Shoujo *

gg Fansubs Tales of the Abyss *

I tried others and they seem to work.

Please note that the gg Fansubs Tales of the Abyss * filter did not work only for today. It was working for already 14 episodes.

Screen shot:




Upon further investigation, it seems that the RSS has the error. The link http://www.baka-updates.com/rss.php actually redirects to http://feedproxy.google.com/baka-updates/wKDI. From there, it actually now has two links. One original link (from the original RSS) and one "rewritten" link. Upon manually clicking a download on some of the the rewritten links, an error is thrown (something like page isn't redirecting properly or sometimes status 400).

Clearly out of uTorrent control.


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