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Install utorrent on winserver 2003?


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first get the webui portion of uTorrent up and running. Make sure you configure a default directory to download files to, as well as one to save the .torrent files as well.

Once that is done, and you've verified it does indeed work, then you have 2 choices.

SrvAny (google it, it's from Microsoft - let's you run any program as a service). While it works, there's very little configuration, but it's free.

FireDaemon $40, does the same as SrvAny, only it's MUCH more configurable, and you actually get support from the developer.

Firedaemon is what I use on 2 seperate servers that I dl / seed from (one seeds at 300k cap, the other at 50k cap during business hours, then up to 100k after).

And I use nothing but my web browser now to add / seed torrents.

Now there is something to think about if you manage the windows server via Remote Desktop - whenever dealing with uTorrent via FireDaemon, you have to make sure you configure uT to run as under the account you logged in as, otherwise you lose all your settings. Also, make sure you set it to run as a console application that interacts with the desktop.

Then, when you log in via Remote Desktop, you have to connect to the "console", and here's how:

mstsc.exe /v:your.server.name /console /f

If you don't connect with the /console switch, you won't see uT running in the system tray. my suggestion is to use either batch files (.bat or .cmd) OR the address bar if you have it enabled, like so:


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Nice detailed post here mauirixxx I think this is the first post that covers all aspects of running µtorrent as a service on a remote machine. Bookmarked.

I myself have made a copy of the 'Remote Desktop Connection' shortcut in the Start Menu (Programs -> Accessories -> Communications) and named it 'Remote Console Connection'. I then opened the properties of it and just added the /console switch. Then again, I have more then one server where I need to connect to the console.

FYI: When you connect to a 2k3 machine without the /console option you login as a new user on the background of the machine (even if you use the same username and password as the currently logged on user). The /console option forces you to take over the main (aka console) user similar to how it works when you connect to a XP machine.

More info on these command line options.

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