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Help! Problem with connecting to seeds


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I've had no troubles using utorrent for years, since yesterday, when I started to download a file with ~1500 seeds and ~12000 peers.

At first, I couldn't start downloading because my ratio was too low. So I seeded a bit until my ratio was 0.800 (for the mentioned torrent - my total ratio is 0.700). As I noticed that I still can't download I changed the tracker manually to another which "hosts" the file with equally much seeds/peers but seems not to block leeching because of ratio (http://vip.tracker.thepiratebay.org/announce).

Still, it shows ~1500 seeds and ~12000 peers,

BUT I do only connect to maximum 5 seeds and 40 leechers! Why is that? My download speed is only ~30KB/s, while there's no problem with my upload rate (~40KB/s)...

Can anyone help me with this?

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Lots of the reported seeds may be disappearing (quitting the torrent!) between tracker announce times...so there may be lots of reported seeds that have already quit. You can't connect to those.

There are also LOTS of firewalled seeds. They must connect TO you, you cannot make an outgoing connection to them. My estimates even on a "good" torrent are ~50% firewalled ips...it makes life doubly difficult if you're one of them!

Lastly, a seed has presumably been connected to the torrent for awhile. That's important because they probably have already reached their max connections per torrent on BIG torrents. So they won't accept additional peers connecting to them. This is ESPECIALLY true of the unfirewalled seeds!

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If your ISP is wireless or satellite, then chances are you will ALWAYS be firewalled. (The problem in that case is the ISP, not you.)

You may foreward your router perfectly correct...but if your modem also contains a mini-router and/or firewall, then you'll still be firewalled in µTorrent.

...Or your Antivirus/antispyware has a hidden software firewall in them as well that needs to be configured or disabled.

...And of course even some viruses and trojans can make you firewalled.

It only takes ONE thing to make you firewalled, but you have to fix everything (assuming there's more than 1 problem) to NOT be firewalled.

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