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Lower Ceiling = Higher D/L Speed. How Come?


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I have another general interest question. Probably an easy one for those in the know.

Given: My system has a top D/L speed of about 160 kb/sec.

I have a few torrents coming in. I set a download ceiling of 90 while I'm doing other things. Then I'm going to leave the computer for a few hours, so I set the D/L max up to 160 and go away.

I return and I find µTorrent is bringing things in more slowly, not faster. Maybe 80 or so. Strange. So I experiment and reduce the D/L max to 100. Right away I see the graph show an INCREASE in speed and now it sits right on the 100 line.

It looks like the max settings lines "pull" the speed toward themselves, as though they have a gravitational effect. And when those settings are put too far away from the current speed, they lose that "attractiveness".

Why? What is happening here?

(All these figures change; sometimes I do pull in at my top speed of 160. But setting the highest max possible does not necessarily mean things will actually work as fast as possible.)

Interesting. Thanks for info.

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