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iPhone UI for uTorrent


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Checked it on my Mororokr E6. with Opera Mobile(Pre Installed) Not Mini(Ajax feature dosen't work in mini)...

It works to an extent . i am able to view the total number of torrent. and the + button to add torrent.

Cannot test other functionalities as i could not see any images nor buttons.

I think my phone supports Ajax to an extent that i get the torrent progress update without refreshing. it's showing the actual speed of the Utorrent in the PC. I would extend all my support to test the same on an E6... I don't have an iPhone for now... and also await the authors support for Opera Mobile as others who don't have an iPhone get's utorrent on their Mobile.

Update: Add torrent button worked, and i was able to add a torrent with the torrent's url.

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Just for posterity... we have determined that it does work with WebKit-based browsers, so the core functionality does work "as advertised" even with token authentication enabled. Compatibility with other browsers would (of course) be nice, but that wasn't davidraso's aim when creating this UI, so it doesn't really matter.

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