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Trackers list not updated


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WEBUI ignores my attempts to change trackers list in torrent properties. This behavior will be fixed, or simple make this option grayed :)

One more feature request: in any place of WebUI, display, please, curent overall DL/UL speed and limits, as in status bar of uTorrent. It is very usefull!

And one more - bug or feature? Most of time, when I try to connect to uTorrent from slow dialup connection, I have "timeout" error.

On other hand, when I manually download torrents list as described in sticky topic at URL


it loaded momentarilly and succesfully.

I guest, that's no any connection problem - only problem with client part of WebUI, which think that is connection too slow for it.

For me, it is not important to reflect any status changes momentarilly. But it is not bad to add option to make timeout interval a bit longer, maybe even only when primarily get torrents list.

Because pressing F5 so many times (ocassionally 20, 30 or more times) make me very, very horny.

P.S. Sorry my terrible English.

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The timeout may be due to the amount of torrents running in the client. The general amount of data being sent initially is quite large, and exponentially so upon the increasing number of torrents. That and it is a @(*$ to render due to the nature of the interface. (Protip: after a couple thousand don't bother outside of LAN speeds) I don't really think any bug/request/discussion is really warranted until 1.8 goes to beta, or at least the featureset is complete enough for Directrix to make a new build off of *envisions webui beta3 splash page*

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