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Thomson Routers


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Hello all

If any of you are having problems with utorrent and Thomson routers here is an easy solution.

Go to Game & Application Sharing.

Create a new game or application.

Clone Existing Game or Application !

Clone azureus

Set Protocol to TCP

Port range 6881 6889

Translate To 6881 - 6889

Trigger Protocol ANY

Hit add and your done.

Start utorrent and use 6881 as current port.

Bingo you now have the green light.

Good luck


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Hi jewelisheaven

I tried the port forward.com setup ( 5 times ) and i could not get green on utorrent, don't ask me why but it just would not work.

I just tried to clone azureus as a last resort and bingo :D

I love it when things work after experimenting.

as some ISPs still throttle the default ports

This is criminal imo because you pay for the bloody BW and then they constrict it.

Technically it's theft but technically they have already covered there ass.


pete :cool:

PS If people would stop leaching and start seeding the world would be a better place.

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Heh, well criminal not necessarily. FOR example on islands or areas where there is little fiber and / or the ISPS pay a huge premium for bandwidth they have every right to impose restrictions on what / who / when you can use your bandwidth. In the specific case of Australia this situation should be lessened in the next few years if indeed what I've heard about new fiber backbones linking the nation with Hawaiian or other pacific rim backbones.

Again, thanks for the information. Alot of the help on this and other forums comes from user-contributed trial-and-error :D

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It's not theft...failure to deliver services or "theft of services", but not "theft" like stealing a physical thing.

Blocking BitTorrent's most common ports is blocking part of the internet, a very major/common part in fact. But "ISPs" reserve the right to tell us what the internet is. :(

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