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Norton 360 help


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Hi I am running latest utorrent and have Norton 360, I am getting the worst download speeds in months for the past week.Any help pls.

Here are some data

200 global

100 max torrents

3 # uploads

Enable local peer checked

Limit local peer checked

Max # active torrents 4

Max # active downloads 3

Upload rate 65 max


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It's your ISP, they've started throttling BitTorrent traffic to 30 or 60 KiloBYTES/sec during peak hours. Even "off" hours are probably throttled to less than 150 KiloBYTES/sec.

...I don't know if your upload speed is affected by their throttling or not.

But it means you'll probably need to use Scheduler and reduce your settings. :(

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I think the poster is on Bell Canada (Sympatico ?)...as a moderator I can see ips of posters. The message board even supports reverse DNS lookup...but a LOT of the time it returns nothing and I have to do more robust searches to determine what ISP the poster is on. It's a no-brainer to plug that ISP name into GOOGLE along with "BitTorrent problems OR throttling OR blocks" to see if that ISP is "hostile" to BitTorrent.

Thread about Sympatico throttling BitTorrent:


A lot of ISPs have started major rollouts of throttling or near-complete blocking just in the last year. I expect it will get harder to run BitTorrent clients even on "good" ISPs in a year unless encryption methods improve greatly.

So long as you have bandwidth greater than dial-up speeds, µTorrent's settings can be modified to try to maximize download and upload speeds for the files you're after...even if it means taking (a lot?) longer to get.

Case in point, reducing max connections will help devote more of the capped limit speed to actually moving the files instead of just maintaining lots of connections.

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There's still a trick being done...finding a post where someone reasonably competent says how an ISP is throttling/blocking BitTorrent. Narrowing it down in a GOOGLE search is completely hit-or-miss, and if there were a really good way to make that quicker and easier...I want to learn it. :P

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