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slow upload speeds


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Hi richard202, I'm less than 100 miles from you. :)

You seem to be on a ComCast business line. So...my guess is your connection is something like 8 megabits/sec down and 768 kilobits/sec up. HOWEVER, ComCast has something called SpeedBoost which allows faster-than-normal download and upload speeds for up to 1 minute. (It's based on bandwidth volume, so if it spikes very high it slows down MUCH faster.) There is no effective means to continuously gain the benefits of SpeedBoost.

You should start with the xx/768k settings and tweak them slightly either upwards or downwards depending on the stability of your upload graph and how 'laggy' web surfing and other internet activities are while µTorrent is running.

ComCast has started crippling seeding, and as I connect to the same local ComCast "hubs" as you...and I'm pretty crippled, I wouldn't be surprised if you are too despite being on a "business" line. What I'm experiencing is MANY/most ip connections that µTorrent has spontaneously disconnect 30-40 seconds after they first connect. Makes seeding really tough, because I only have a small window to upload in before disconnecting...and I need to constantly reconnect to lots of ips to maintain my upload speed.

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