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Bottom window of uTorrent 1.7.5 (build 4602) ...


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Thanks for the reply jewelisheaven.

Yes, indeed it is the lower pane. Dragging the bottom rh corner does nothing and F5 just closes and/or opens the lower pane.

All I can see is a small sliver of information. Under "Peers" for example I can at best see 2 and a bit of the third sharers/seeders.


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OKsomethingis messed up. If you don't mind closing uT, I can suggest a helpful hint.

In my signature is a Bencoded File Editor.

When you open settings.dat (MAKE A BACKUP FIRST PLEASE) what you want is mainwnd_split . If you delete that key as well as .fileguard (so uT boots up), save settings.dat and open up uT again, you should have control over the lower pane again :)

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