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Settings help (Bell Sympatico High Speed - Canada)


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Hey guys, despite all the faqs and settings I've tried I just can't seem to break 25kB/s download. This is on a torrent with high seeders and few leechers.

My max download from a fast server is about 600kB/s, my max upload is about 80kB/s. What would my optimum settings be for these stats in uTorrent v.1.7.5?

I do have a port forwarded in the 50K range and it is verified as open.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Bell Sympatico recently started systematically crippling BitTorrent download speeds to about 60 KiloBYTES/sec absolute max even during non-peak hours and less than 30 during peak hours.

...In some areas, BitTorrent may be blocked completely during peak hours and limited to under 30 during non-peak hours.

So you might want to reduce connections some so you get the most file download speeds out of what little they still give you.

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