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How to restore backup resume.dat (to a different username)


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Hi, I recently reinstalled my Windows XP and before that i have restored all my data at "C:\Documents and Settings\Old User\Application Data\utorrent\".

But after reinstalling Windows, I created a new user, and the folder of the utorrent settings for that user become, let's say, "C:\Documents and Settings\New User\Application Data\utorrent\". When I restore my utorrent data backup to this new folder, all the previous downloads show an error saying that the folder "C:\Documents and Settings\Old User\Application Data\utorrent\" couldn't be found.

Is there a way to restore the utorrent data to a different user folder? I have tried editing the resume.dat and changing the folder name inside resume.dat to the new folder, but it won't work. With this edited resume.dat, i got a blank list.

I know I could just generate a new user with the exact name as the old one, but I don't want to do that. Anybody, please help. FYI, I am using utorrent 1.6.1.

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Try using Ultima's ingenious and easy-to-use bencoded file editor.

You will want to backup your backup.. or make sure to SAVE AS when you are done.

It has a nifty find/replace feature which allows you to for example:

c:\documents and settings\MY_NAME --> c:\Documents and settings\MY_NEW_NAME

(Don't forget to thank him if it works for you)

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