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Getting high speeds with select peers (ISP is throttling torrents)


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Hi folks,

I have a very 'weird' question about torrent throttling. My ISP (Rogers Inc.) is throttling my bittorrent uploads for a year now. I can't seed a damn thing, cuz the upload speed is limited to 8kBps no matter what I do. I have tried encryption, changing/forwarding ports, lazy bitfield, tunneling through SSH and what not. Nothing works. However, at some times, I get my full upload speed with special peers. I am putting a screenshot below.

Can anyone explain what's happening in here? This phenomenon happens with private as well as public trackers, and happens about once in a day or so. Now, if this can be reproduced 'artificially' by changing some settings, I can get rid of this blocking mess. Sugestions are welcome.




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I've looked at the screenshots.

I was expecting all the people you could upload quickly to...to all be on Rogers Cable ISP as well.

None of the 3 were.

1 was ComCast (Cable)

1 was RoadRunner (Cable)

1 was South Western Bell (ADSL?)

NONE of those REMOTELY qualify as local peers.

They were ALL incoming connections and NONE were encrypted, the exact opposite of what might be expected.

Less rhyme or reason there than a bad movie.

I've heard numerous times that Rogers is even heavily throttling encrypted traffic.

Well, this wasn't encrypted and somehow it gets through. :P

But this should be so heavily flagged as BitTorrent traffic that their filters must be broken if they don't recognize them. It doesn't even take "deep packet inspection" to see the word "Bittorrent" as plain text in the packet itself. :lol:

You'll need to play around with my recommended low connection settings (disable most extras in µTorrent that make "noise") and try both with and without encryption enabled on both incoming and outgoing to see if you can cause these faster uploads more often.

Good luck...as I can't understand why it would work at all ever, I cannot guess what might work.

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