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Question about 'Share ratio'.


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Hi, I have some questions about 'share ratio'.

1. If I re-install utorrent on my computer, will I keep my share ratio?

2. How much ratio will be ok, is my share ratio alright?

3. What do these parameters below means: half-open, handshake?

4. What's better: seeding 4 different torrents at 100% or just 1 or 2 torrents at 100%?


My stats:

Total uploaded: 50.4 GB

Total downloaded: 100 GB

Total Ratio: 0.504

Total Running Time: 621:07:43

Number of files added: 196

Program started: 324

# incoming conns since start: 6868

# outgoing conns since start: 1685

# handshake: 8455

# connections: 100

# half-open: 1


Thank You.

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1) I think the file in which the stats are stored is %AppData%\uTorrent\Settings.dat, and if you uninstall/reinstall and it is deleted/recreated, then obviously your stats won't be saved.

2) A ratio of 1.0 means you've shared as much as you've leeched, so maintaining a ratio of 1.0+ is healthy and optimal (currently you're at ~50%).

3) Read the Guides, the FAQ and esp. the uTorrent User Manual/Help File (.chm) - link's on the download page. See sections such as µTorrent User Manual > Appendix A: The µTorrent Interface > Preferences > Advanced etc.

4) Seeding always occurs when you're at 100%. Re. what's better, well if your connection speeds (esp. your upload speeds) support it, why not seed more simultaneously rather than less? Won't hurt your ratio any and you'll end up having a warm, fuzzy feeling that you did The Right ThingTM. ;)

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Your "permanent record" ratio has absolutely NO effect on any new torrent you start downloading+uploading. Typically only private trackers even force you to maintain a ratio at all.

However if you upload quickly but below the absolute max limit of your connection, then you should be seeing higher download speeds possible as a result...than if you put upload speed at 6 KiloBYTES/sec or less.

Uploading a lot is more helping out others than direct self-benefit. If you're a seed on a torrent, then the peers have nothing to give to you...and in that sense you "gain" nothing from uploading to them. But if you don't seed and others don't seed...there will be nothing to download!

0/0 is indeed indeterminate in mathematics, however a 1.0 ratio implies a 1-to-1 correspondence between download and upload. And 0 down and 0 up is indeed equal amounts, thus qualifying as a 1-to-1 correspondence or 1.0 ratio.

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