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PFconfig ( anybody use that ? )


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I really followed the instructions but still Error! Port 45972 does not appear to be open.

This is all I did

1- Open Utorrent

2- Download something

3- Speed guid and set the speed ( I choosed 128k )

4- Uncheck somestuff plus choose a port (45972)

5- disable firewall

6- go to Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) to make a static IP

7- put this Ip address

8- put subnet =

9- default getaway =

10- DNS =

11- go to Belkin setting

12- Virtual Wireless or something like that

13- add 6500 as the enable port and choose UCP

14 - go to speedguide and test to see if the port is open

15- Port is closed

EDIT : I have a question. why is there 2 Azur1 in the picture ? I mean in the guide.

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No ! dont close this please. I swear if you solve my problem I never come back in this forum lol

Relax. :) Anyway, I just pointed out the post. DWK himself does the honours when it comes to trashing errant threads, and he seems to be doing his best to help you out so...

BTW, feel free to come back if you face any problem, though it would certainly be better if you didn't and never needed to post here again (unless its a post of appreciation for the devs/mods etc.) ;)

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