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New speed problem


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Hi guys, i recently upgraded my dsl plan

i currently have these speeds according to dsl report

down up

2469 Kbps 421 Kbps

When i download the open office torrent i get speeds from 250-300 kB/s

But now when i download my other torrents the speed goes up then all the way down, then up, then down, its a cycle

Also if i keep my global connection number too high my internet dissconects and i lose my connection

what settings so you reccomend for me to put?

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Recommended peer connection settings: Under 200 global, for 2.5 Mbit down you don't even need 100. It would seem you can sustain 50 KiBps upload. Is this true? If so, I would configure your client to have at maximum 10 upload slots... split however you want among slots per torrent and maximum torrents.

If by cycle you mean uploading isn't constant you are probably not keeping enough upload slots available to push data to peers consistently.

Do you have any other questions?

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No, my internet is totaly resetting after 5-6 hours, i have to reset the modem and router, it still does it even after i set the peer connection setting to 100.

Its my download not upload, the download speed goes up and down

What should my max upload be to have the fastest download speed?

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