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Speed up seeding?


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I was wondering how can one speed up seeding. I do like to seed but most times it does take forever, for instance

I torrented a file that was 23 mb in 6 minutes. Fantastic.

I've been seeding now for 6 hours and 44 minute and it has only seeded .087

(point zero eight seven)

I'm sure there must be something wrong.

Thanks in advance!

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Not for the one that had been "seeding" - it is like it froze.

I left it over night and it was still the same this morning. (.087)

I started a new one last night, it downloaded, and seeded at the higher speed and had almost reached the 1.5 seeding point as of checking this morning.

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Well, possibly no-one wants that particular torrent? Do you even have any peers connected to and downloading that torrent from you?

BTW, while downloading, your upload should never be at max but at most 80% of your rated max. While not downloading/surfing etc. however, feel free to max it out using that alternate speed setting.

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