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a problem surfing whole utorrent


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while my utorrent is operating i cant surf the net at all or at extremely slow speeds.

i used the speed guide correctly, i am only uploading at a rate if 8kb its even

lesser than i can according to the speed guide

but nevertheless .. i cant surf the net

help please!

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OK, going through Ultima's How-To, you have done what to limit your connections already...? A common procedure is to disable DHT, disable LPD, turn off Resolve IPs under the Peers tab, reduce concurrent connections to under 100 and per torrent to a fraction of that.

Edit: I would also make sure you are not using incorrect unit sizes, if you speedtest at 8000 Kbps down and 128Kbps up, make sure you use the xx/128 drop-down menu item.

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