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Green light to go, but error tells me another tale...


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Well, the situation is this: I was getting the yellow triangle for a while, randomizing my ports until it would turn green (which helped me last time) and testing to make sure there are ports open. Now, I do have the green light to go, but I checked to see if the port was open and it telling me error.

Note: due to my last success, i keep randomizing my ports and testing to see if it is open.

Is there something I should be doing instead? Or am I really doing to worst possible thing? Or is there somekind of "switch" I need to flick in order to get it to work (even though I somehow know that there's more to it)?

I need help.

Oh, I'm using the built in Windows Firewall (turned on), and I have AVG and AdAware SE just in case you guys might know if there's something I should be doing there. And I don't have much access to my own router, as it's not mine but my dad's.

edit: Okay, I decided to see what kind of modem we're using, it's a Gnet. A router is the thing that connects to the modem to another computer, right? If so, then ours is a Linksys. Just so you know, in order to provide me with more assistance. Problem is, I don't have access to either.

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Why are you worried about the color of the icon? It will transiently go from yellow to green if you are setup correctly. This is due to some peers not seeing you as incoming, so you connect to them. Are you seeing some problem not covered in Ultima's How-To.

Btw, very good detective work for your network setup. :D Mine is like this ISP -> modem -> router -> computer so I had to make sure my router forwarded correctly.

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Well, time for a bit of a nice little story. So, I decided to check the FAQ's in case there was something I may have missed. And so, I found out that apparently having a certain amount of seeders/peers can really determine if your port is forwarded or not. In other words, if the torrent you're trying to download is taking a while and the icon isn't looking too good, give it a little while. Chances are, everything will (to some extent) fix itself up in due time.

You can try the other procedures to get it to work too. But if everything is hunkey dorey on your end, and you're pretty much certain that it is, then chances are it's just the peers that are having some issues.

Oddly enough, patience is the key to faster speeds. I was working with 2-8 kbps for Downloading, and eventually (given a couple of hours) I was able to nail 17 kbps for some time.

Just what I've discovered that seems to have functioned. Oh, and I recommended everyone take a decent little glance at the FAQ, you'd be surprised with what you can find out if you didn't already know.

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