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Problem with Trillian and uTorrent Running at Same Time


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Whenever I am connected to uTorrent, Trillian keeps logging me of, then off, on, then off, on, then off. I can't keep a consistent connection enough to have an IM conversation with someone. Not to mention that people keep IM'ing me and saying, "Why are you signing of and off every few minutes?". :-) When I close uTorrent, the problem immediately goes away. I need to be able to use Trillian, but would like to have uTorrent running in the background around the clock also.

Anyone know why this might be happening/how to fix it?

If it helps at all, Skype seems to be doing the same thing that Trillian is doing when uTorrent is running. Here is my configuration:

uTorrent: 1.7.5 (Build 4602)

Trillian: 3.1 Basic

OS: Windows Vista Ultimate

ISP: AT&T Uverse

Router: 2Wire

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