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I can't make it connect..it says Seeds: 0(176)


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... If the torrent's status (status column in main torrent pane) says "Downloading" it is trying to connect. Announcing needlessly WILL NOT FORCE a connection to clients. Making sure you are setup correctly will even do more than manual announcing. You should click on the Guides page link below and read through the 3rd link ;) Report back the steps you were able to complete if you still have problems.

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Status Bar Color: Yellow

Port checker: Error! Port 42580 does not appear to be open.

Speed Settings:

Upload limit: 0 kB/s Upload slots: 4

Connections: 50 Connections (Global): 200

Max active torrents: 8 Max active downloads: 5

Net max_halfopen: 8

I use Windows XP, Norton Antivirus.

I don't know my modem or router models. I don't know how to find them out either. I know that the internet I use is provided through my college. I think its DSL...but the extent of my knowledge is that I plug an ethernet cord into the wall.

Edited to add:

This is the speed test:

Download 14816 upload 3032

Warning: ISP upload compression was detected. Your upload speeds might be inaccurate.

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You should also set the scheduler to only enable your downloads during off-peak hours, and I would lower that upload cap just a tad. This is just common sense measures which should keep you out of the IT department's hair for "usage misappropriation". I'm sorry that you are permanently firewalled but you can connect to people... I can say for certain many BitComet peers and BitLord peers appear to create Incoming connections due to their clients' ability for NAT Transversal I guess? I did a test last weekend and though I had a firewall in the way and was not forwarding my ports uT was registering as green, I hope this information helps ;)

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