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utorrent freezing prob


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Hi all, I am having a problem when running uTorrent. My problem is that when utorrent is running my pc freezes every 30 - 60 seconds for around 5 seconds sometimes more.

The mouse can still move but no programs can be accessed or highlighted.

I opened up the task manager and watched and it seems that when this happens, my cpu usage rockets up to 100% then goes back down to a normal 5% or so. My system is brand new only 1 week old:

AMD 64 3500+

Asrock 939A8X-m M/Board

2GB Ram

200GB Maxtor Sata HD

Radeon 9600XT Vid Card

I am pretty confident that my system isnt the problem since I can run a gaming server and play hardcore games with no problems, its just when utorrent is running that I get this problem, any ideas?

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1) Double click the left mouse button on your Avast quicklaunch icon on the bottom right of the toolbar and your On-Access Scanner will open in a seperate window.

2) Click the left mouse button on the "Details >>" button at the bottom of the Avast On-Access Scanner to open up more options.

3) Look for the P2P Shield on the left of you On-Access Scanner window and left click your mouse button on it and the P2P Shield should now be highlighted.

4) Now click your left mouse button on the "Terminate" Button (Located on the right of the On-Access Scanner window) and you should now see some text near the top of the window saying "No task is currently using this provider".

5) Finally, click the "Ok" Button and the bottom right of the On-Access Scanner window and its all set.

This is persistent and should stay off unless you reactivate it.


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Just to give you exact details on the problem if you are posting in your FAQs.


Windows would freeze/hang periodically around every 30 seconds for about 5 -10 seconds. During the system hang the CPU usage would go up to as high as 100% then back down until the next periodic hang and the mouse cursor was able to move but slower than usual and could not highlight or open/close or minimize/maximize anything.


Possibly a conflict between Avast Anti Virus and uTorrent.


As stated above.

Hope that helps.


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My problem is somewhat similar:

with uTorrent running in background my Internet connection slows to a crawl (some servers reject connections then), even when download speed is ca. 10-12 KB (and it's 512kb ADSL line). Moreover, my mouse repeatedly "hangs" for fractions of second, which is more annoying than being true harm (sometimes the system doesn't catch my clicks - and this is annoying even more!).

I've already prepared some tests to investigate this case: BitSpirit doesn't show such behavior even while downloading at full speed (at about 60kB) and even then all of the websites open as usual without any flaws. I'm using Opera, but testing with IE gave similar results.

AMD Athlon XP 2000+


ECSk7s5 pro (with integrated NIC - could this be the cause?) <don't laugh>

Kaspersky AntiHacker

NOD32 Antivirus

As I mentioned, case is being investigated, but I would greatly appreciate any more suggestions.

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Yeah, I know this whole bunch of motherboards from ECS are kinda funny :> What I've already found is that disabling DHT helps a bit (and only a bit), and since I'm a newbie to the BitTorrent mechanisms, I'll let it remain like that (is that important feature?). Furthermore - Kaspersky AntiHacker firewall (quite good AFAIK, but you might want to correct my mistake here) is still up and runnin' and uTorrent currently doesn't cause any problem, however there is only one leeching connection (SLOW!!!) and a few seeding ones (I use SysInternals TCPView tool to monitor TCP activity).

My guess is that that the antivirus software (I tested two of them until now) gets in the uTorrent's way. While checking every single piece of data, no matter either downloaded or uploaded it's slowly gettin' on my nerves. But maybe I'm wrong? Tested software was NOD32 (for Win98, because I own one) and Kaspersky AntiVirus Personal. Go ahead and point why they are so good or bad.

The question arises: is the construction of the uTorrent "faulty" in comparison to the other clients? I understand that the aim of the programmer is to maintain full flexibility while remaining between some pre-defined borders of the project and I fully agree with such a definition. On the other hand - what exactly makes uTorrent so different in the terms of actually using it? That's the gest of the matter and I'm looking forward to getting a closer look what's under the hood (with all due respect).

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That's a good question. TBH, I don't know why incompatibilities exist with µTorrent and some firewalls/anti-virus programs. :/

Getting back to your problem, I presume you've updated your NIC's drivers and motherboard drivers, right? Also, if you're running 2 anti-virus programs simultaneously, don't. NOD32 is more than capable of handling e-pests on its own. :) Another thing you might want to check is your router/modem. µTorrent tries to aggressively connect to other peers and initiates a lot of connections at the same time, so you should update their firmware if it's not yet updated.

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I'm using only one AV (am aware of the rule), it's that sentence which caused that confusion ;). NIC drivers are up-to-date (it's SIS900 100Mbit based chipset). However it isn't the most satisfactory solution on the market - case similar to those old winmodems; when CPU usage gets close to 100%, net traffic drops to about 30kB (I mean on a LAN, of course ;) ) Router? I'm behind two actually ;) - one acts as a pure hub machine (and it's TRENDnet TW100 series with firewall and DHCP functions disabled) and the second is ASMAX AL804u, with built-in ADSL modem. Kaspersky's still on, NOD32 acts as it should... and uTorrent give me no slowdowns, no problems and so on. WTF then?

I'm wondering whether the same thing applies to at least Win2K, but I'll be inspecting this in a day or two (need to install it first :) )

I'm curious to know the mechanisms of this lovely tiny proggy ;).

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