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Slow downloads! HELP


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Hi, in Utorrent, my downloads ar REALLY slow. I don't just mean 'slow' like when people are saying 10kb/s. My downloads are LESS THAN 1KB/S!

I've tried everything i could find, and no success.


I am using the newest version of Utorrent.

Windows XP with service pack 2

I already forwarded the port

But my average download speed is 0.5KB/S

Please help.

Thanks in advance

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Yea ok. So xx/128's default behaviour is to set your upload to 9KiBps, which you won't see on the test torrent. However for your download to be "stuck" at that low a level on a known working swarm like that... you most definitely are on an impacted ISP. You should follow the steps listed in Ultima's How-To for Troubleshooting (post #2 for limited settings) to see if you can improve your speed by reducing your presence on your connection, reduce available options which make network connections... and overall leave more bandwidth available for actual transfer and not protocol overhead and peer data. Searching the forum for 2Wire will give you results other users have gleaned from it :/ not stellar. So to verify you have gone through the page for 2Wire @ http://portforward.com/guides.htm ?

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