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sudden slow downloads


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Hello everyone,

As of a few hours ago, utorrent started download very slowly.

Until last night, I was downloading fine at full capacity (about 400 K/s). My newest torrents can't go any higher than 90K/s though.

The only thing I did was update utorrent to 1.7.6. I don't know if that has anything to do with it. I tried to revert back to 1.7.5, and then back to 1.7.6, but it all stays the same.

I got a flat, steady upload limit at full capacity (22K/s) as usual, and nothing else has changed in my config. Got a green light as well. All torrents are healthy (at least 8.000 at availability).

Anyone has any idea, or whatever else I can post to help with this?


- What the Speed Guide shows your settings to be (press Ctrl+G in µTorrent)

Upload Limit: 22

Upload Slots: 3

Connections: 70

Connections global 130

Max active torrents and downloads: 3

Max active downloads: 5

Encryption enabled

- Operating system installed (Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98, 95, NT? Something else?)

Vista Ultimate

- Security software installed (firewall, antivirus, antispyware, antiadware)

All vista stuff (defender, firewall, etc) and AVG Free 7.5

- Exact router model(s), and exact modem model

Dlink DSL500G

- ISP (Internet Service Provider) being used

Telesp, not listed as bad ISP

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Your ISP probably sets a shaping profile during the day? Also you're running too many torrents.. or well more precisely splitting your upload too thin. xx/256 in Ctrl-G lists your upload... with only TWO maximum torrents. 2 torrents * 3 slots = 6 way split. You're currently splitting 22 upload into 15... BAD BAD.

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Hi Jew!

Ok, so if I understad you correctly, I should have fewer upload slots, or fewer simultaneous torrents running?

Right now, I'm doing 4 torrents. Never had a problem with that in the past though, with up to 10 torrents working, but I'll try that. Correct me if I'm wrong :)

EDIT: After cutting some of my torrents, left only two running, and didn't help. I can't still get a max speed of 100k/s, split between the two of them. Upload is still steady. And again, yesterday, I did download 4 torrents at same time with 300 to 400k/s, no problem. And since it happened during the day, I don't think my ISP shapes traffic during the day.


Any more ideas?

Thanks again! :)

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I think I'm missing something here...

I had read the How-to and tried pretty much everything there. That is still weird, because like I said, everything was running smooth until a couple of nights ago.

Regarding the update, I had searched the boards for "1.7.6" and "speed problems". Now, I may have been incompetent about it, but not lazy, I swear. I didn't find any other posts regarding the update causing download issues.

"post-updates there are rashes of people with problems. You see the same procedure in each thread about it because THAT SOLVES the problem."

Does that mean there is a thread on that that I had missed? If so, I kindly ask you to point some directions, and then I'll try my best to not pester around or create useless topics, I promise :)

Thanks again.

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I Registered here because I'm having the same Problem after I upgraded to 1.7.6

my download speed is too slow than before..about 1/6

what's wrong with the latest version? and how can I fix this problem?

I've tried everything I can and everything I found here and on the net.. but nothing seems working..

anyone can help please?

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Since you are singing the same some as the others without including information... I'll tell you the same as I told them. Go through the setup guide again make sure uT is configured for your connection correctly. Then check your hardware between you and the ISP. Make sure THEY are still setup correctly. THEN, if you use software on your computer which you had exceptions made for the old uT version, remove and re-add the rules for the NEW uT exe.

After that list and try the steps in the How-To. Verify you can still get the same speeds from the test torrents in the How-To. . . Any other SPECIFIC questions?

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Jew, Ultima.

The test torrent from officeorg is downloading fine... I stopped all the others, started this one and immediately it went up to 300k/s.

The other torrents are well spread though, availability over 8.0. Any ideas?

Thanks again guys.

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... Availability has nothing to do with speed. It's a general indicator of the "health" of the swarm. If you have 2 seeds connected and 18 peers but have a 10 availability it means the peers have a good variation on available pieces.

If you can download @ 3 Mbit from openoffice it means your ISP allows speeds up to that. That you are not experiencing them with OTHER swarms means the swarm or your blocklist isn't allowing those fast peers. Unless I'm missing something, there's nothing to be done.

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... do you use ipfilter.dat (uT's ability for blocklist support explained @ http://utorrent.com/faq.php#What_is_ipfilter.dat.3F) or some other blocking application such as peerguardian?

Heh, it's always good to know the problem isn't the setup but the application :P I'd reverify your speeds of sustained downloading from openoffice regularly (2-5 minutes is plenty) to see if your ISP enforces a shaping profile :D Do you have other questions?

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There's no ipfilter.dat on my utorrent folder, or peerguardian. I guess it's just a case of bad swarms, period :)

I just started a couple of new downloads, and they're coming in very fast. I'm peaking at 312 right now, my internet connection is not choked, so that's pretty good.

Thanks again for your time and patience, Jew :)

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I am having the same problem. It is most noticable with upload speeds as i'm struggling to keep a good ratio on several private trackers. Before i changed to 1.7.6 i was getting upload speeds of around 50kB/s but now it is around 10-20kB/s.

Can anyone give me any advice besides "check the guides and how-to's". I have been going through every guide and how-to i could find and still have no joy.

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dagerousdave, your ISP has recently become openly hostile to BitTorrent traffic.

(You're on BT Central, right?)

Do you have this problem with ALL torrents, or just some on private trackers?

What settings are you using in uTorrent?

Are you firewalled?

Is there any malware/bad commercial software on your computer?

Is it better at 1-7 AM than at 5-10 PM?

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I have the same problem with darkew. i was downloading at full capacity (200Kbs) and suddenly 2 weeks ago my download speed is 10-40Kbs!

I've downloaded the test torrent from OpenOffice and it downloaded fine at 180-200Kbs! So what's going wrong??

I didn't understand the thing with ipfilter. Should i put it to false in the Advanced?

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Are you still connectable? If not then you should try reconfiguring any per-program settings you have in your security software/hardware. Two weeks ago pretty well matches up with the Windows Update for the networking subsystem so you may not notice speeds as fast as before, but the OOo torrent proved you CAN transfer sustained at that speed.

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If you mean with utorrent, Yes I'm always connectable. I always see the little green circle on the bottom...

Oh, I just saw now that my torrents ,just out of the blue, got a total dolwnload speed at 150max and they are now steady at about 100! After 2 weeks!!!! without doing anything!!

I hope it stays that way but I don't think so!

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