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RSS feed in 1.8.0


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I'm relativly new here and well i think i'm posting in the right place : )

Anyway, just downloaded the utorrent-1.8-alpha-7928.upx release and i quickly changed back to 1.7.6 because the RSS download feed was more messy then it was of use.

First of all fiding your feeds that you have added was a real pain and i couldn't find a "update button" (see below).


My suggestion/request:

To be able to set a second based interval on the rss update time.

say 5-10seconds.

i'm sitting on a 100/100 connection and a 4min interval is just way to big.

In 4 min i could download a 4GB file and upload it at the same time.

Basicly i would like to be able to set my own interval rather then having µTorrent setting a 4-5min minimum interval for me.

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Yea ofc 5-10 sec would be an overkill, but still freedom of choise and being able to put whatever i whant as an interval.

either having me hammer the server with F5 with my browser or me manually pressing "Update now" every 5 sec, whats the big difference?

And no the server will not have a DDoS fest just because of that : )

having a announcement every 3-4 sec tho would however cause a "DDoS" since you have alot more torrents announcing then a RSS GET request.

And i still don't see the point in ruening a perfectly ok RSS controle as it is.

Would it be to much to ask to have the RSS back to it's usual controle and prehaps the new one aswell : )


Something i really like about the current way of controling the RSS feeds is that they are in the same place, add/edit/filter/history.. all in the same _small_ nice frame : )

Seeing me and most of my friends like a minimilistic look on things here in life:


Should probobly add that i'm currently a administrator of a few trackers and making my own. The rss.php is not the problem : ) having the interval a bit lower would only make people happyer afaik :P

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Sure, if you (and only you) use a 3-4 second interval, it won't result in problems for the server, but if enough people did it (and like I said earlier, I'm sure many would, given the option), it would be heavy traffic. There is no real reason to update the feed that often. You don't lose out on anything by waiting for at most 5 minutes to grab the newly added torrents.

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You don't lose out on anything by waiting for at most 5 minutes to grab the newly added torrents.

... you mean minimum right? That's the enforced minimum in uT, no matter what your advanced setting is (default of 15). I personally use an hour, partly because I load in feeds from 12-15 trackers, and partly because an hour is the minimum amount of time I can granularly control uT with the scheduler, so why add more load on an already overloaded site.

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Yupp it seams 5 mins are the enforced minimum value of the update on the RSS unless you press update now yourself.

Either way, i'll just keep on using my own home-made rss plugin : ) seans like youve all made up your mind regarding the RSS feed update-interval.

But regarding the current RSS controle options, is it to much to have it like it currently is, everything in one nice frame?

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I am with DoXiD on the location and look of the new RSS feed.

Would it be possible to still have an option to have the tabs just like they were in the old interface?

I never use the sidebar and don't really want to start, yet I very often check the RSS feeds to see if there is anything new I need to add to my favorites. It is also easier to see which items you have downloaded with the different icons as opposed to the text in the "Status" column as it appears in 1.8.

Is there a real reason RSS feeds are being moved around like that?

I really find it much less user friendly now. Update now functionality is not as exposed as before (requires back clicking and whatnot) and having all those extra columns show up every time I open the feed view just makes it look cluttered. As it stands I am going back to 1.7.7 because the RSS feature is the main one I use.

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Right click the feed and update? Right click all feeds and update? 1.8 is beta, it's not released yet. I'm sure the developers would change things back if someone gave them a compelling reason to do so. They're not unreasonable, but noone has been able to explain a reason why more information one location is bad. I understand changes to the UI feel odd at first, but this is similar to the request the for returning the tab structure to 1.7 layout. As you use it more it will feel more natural. This thread is a bit old also, with the last update being half-way through the alpha process.

Why is the category pane not a good thing to have open? It includes both filters to make your torrents easier to select in the main torrent pane as well as an overview of your labels and RSS feeds. At-a-glance clicking and filtering of your torrent jobs is highly useful.

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It is not about where it is, it is about the fact that it's more work now to update it. And the reason I am posting this is so developers would consider reverting back to the old style RSS.

Also, the reason it's bad is because it is not all information in one location as you put it. Two of the tabs are now in a hidden area that you have to get to through your the menu bar and and the other two are now grouped with the other RSS stuff.

More so, the location bad uses up a ton of space for something that's completely useless seeing as I know perfectly well what all my torrents are for and have them sorted just the way I like them in one category so I get the overview of what all my torrents are doing. I also go for the minimalist look, much like what the screenshot earlier in this thread showed, with just the torrent list and nothing extra. That bar would be a huge nuisance since I am never going to spend the extra time to assign categories to my torrents just to be clicking "All" all the time to see how they are all doing in one window.

It is also not about getting used to new UI, it is about new UI being inconvenient and separating the natural workflow of RSS feeds. When I go through my RSS feeds I expect to be able to see list of everything in RSS feed, all my favorites and my history in no more then 1 click. Right now I can do that. One click to open the RSS window and then 1 click to switch to any of the tabs. Everything is very compact, all information is there and it all works. I don't see why changes to something working were necessary.

And just to be clear, this is a request for returning of the tab structure to the 1.7 layout. I posted in this thread because I searched the forums and found no other thread that dealt with RSS feeds in the new alpha and having them returned to the way they were in 1.7.

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