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1.7.6 (build 7859) Installation Path Bug


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First, i created task in windows task scheduler with the following (manually set) path

"C:\Program Files\uTorrent\utorrent.exe"

all was good,

but later, i created another task, and task scheduler automatically set short path


which confused µTorrent as different, and it pops up installation dialog (with program shortcut checkboxes) and .torrent association dialog.

Thanks god, i test run the task and found this, or else µTorrent will be blocked by installation dialog and not start.

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True, but.... bug (and headache for users) is still there ;)

µTorrent should convert its own path (apparently taken from command line) to long version before use. Very simple.


The GetLongPathName function converts the specified path to its long form. If a long path is not found, this function returns the specified name.

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Point is, both paths (short and long) are exactly the same, although written differently. This is feature of the operating system.

But, due to bug, uT treats them as different. This causes problems then uT runs using different kinds of paths (shortcuts, batchfiles, scheduler tasks, etc... with mixed short and long paths).

Solution: One simple function above (#3).

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