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Please help!!! Horrible Speed!!!


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I have a laptop running Vista 32-bit. I also have Norton running, but have that program-specific firewall disabled. I have utorrent allowed through my windows firewall, and have forwarded my ports correctly.

I have version 1.7.6 running, and since the beginning of it's use, I have never seen speeds higher than 40kbps...even with torrents that have 150 seeders and 30 leechers.

I am at a complete loss, and have no idea what else to try so that I can speed up my downloads.

My ISP is Bell Sympatico High-speed DSL. When connected wirelessly, I get a 54Mbps connection, and when I connect through my LAN with an ethernet cable, I get a 100Mbps connection.

Please guys...any and everything you can offer to help will be greatly appreciated. It really, truly will be.

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You don't mention your speed guide settings or speed test results. 40 KiBps down is ~ 320 Kbps from the speedtest. How much higher is your download rated? What is your upload result? Did you set that as your xx/NUMBER in the Speed Guide (Ctrl-G) drop down? If you're SURE you forwarded the ports, check OpenOffice from http://distribution.openoffice.org/p2p/ . . . those peers should be able to make incoming connections (make network status icon go green check, AND show "I" flag under Peers tab). If not, then you have a bottleneck elsewhere.

Is your only hardware the wifi router? Or do you connect like this ISP -> modem -> router -> computers ?

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Sorry I forgot to include the information you mentioned =(

Well from what I understood of your request, here it is:

Results from www.speedtest.net (Toronto, Ontario): D: 4213kb/s U: 672kb/s

Settings in uTorrent:

-port 39793 forwarded, open and receiving incoming connections

-max upload: 100kB/s max download: 398kB/s

-max no. of connections: 589 max no. of peers connected: 16 Max no. of upload slots: 12

-max no. of active torrents d/u: 10 max no. of active downloads: 5

*I also have net.bin_ip set to my laptop's IP

In the Speed Guide drop down I've got it set to use current settings.

My network status icon is always green...it's just that the speed is ever so crappy regardless.

In regards to my connection, my modem is the Speedstream 6520 supplied by Bell Sympatico. It's supposed to serve as a modem and router (both wireless and ethernet LAN).

I've even configured my modem/router to run my laptop's connection in Demilitarized zone designed to ease security settings of the router. It's supposed to help with online applications that require an unhindered connection.

There =) I think that covers most of what you asked me for. If it hasn't, please request more, and if I can provide it for you, I most definitely will!

*Special Note: I don't know if it has anything to do with my hardware, because when I used to run Azureus on my desktop PC running XP SP3, I used to get speeds that were respectable and more than acceptable. Just in case you wanted to know =)

Thank you very much jewelisheaven, for all the assistance you've offered thus far. Thank you for the interest and the effort =)

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Hmm well I do notice the upload is a bit high. Your max theoretical according to that result is 84KiBps... but from what I know of speeds, you're probably on a xx/768Kbps connection right? That's a bit closer to 96 of WHICH you should get a sustained ~ 84... so either case you're too high there. Otherwise, Good for the forwarding :) Good connections :) I would change your upload slots / active torrents a bit. 84 KiBps means ~ 28 slots TOTAL @ 3KiBps each. So you can divide that how you want, I'd recommend less torrents more slots for faster receiving... i.e. 4 torrents 7 slots each. But it's up to you :D

Errrr, you should turn off DMZ. If it's not working as forwarded there's still a wall up somewheres. ALSO remember wireless isn't as reliable as a wired connection, so you may want to bump down the global. It really isn't an issue with your low peers per torrent (nice setting ;)) but it can't hurt you know. Otherwise, if you don't see a speed ~ 400 KiBps in uT from the OpenOffice torrent I'd think sympatico may have started throttling bittorrent traffic during those times. It's best to keep a running log of datapoints of sustained speeds you can get throughout the day / week for reference....

There may be a solution, in the developmental 1.8 line. It includes workarounds for shaping profiles and has been successful on some ISPs. You can even run it self-encapsulated to not interfere with your current uT settings :D

SO... what to try next:

1) unset bind_ip 2) verify you've got a static IP 3) verify the forwarding on your speedstream is set on YOUR PORT to YOUR IP 4) check port status again using alternate sites: https://www.grc.com/x/portprobe=YOURPORTNUMBER and http://www.canyouseeme.org , not all testers use the same criteria as http://www.utorrent.com/testport.php?port=YOURPORTNUMBER .

I think that's it... if I caused more questions feel free to ask. ;) You'll be up and running soon I hope.

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I have the same problem, thanks for the info Jewelisheaven. Could you explain the last part of your instructions in a little more detail.

1. How to "unset bind_ip

2. I have a static IP and my ports are forwarded on my router and firewall (windows vista firewall) - this much i am sure of

3. How do i verify that my speedstream is set to my port and my ip?

4. I tested my port on all the mentioned sites, all sais it was open.

Occasionally i get speeds up to 670kB/s but most of the time it maxs at either 20 or 40kB/s

My speed guide settings are:

Upload limit: 10kB/s Upload slots 8

Connections 40 Connections Global 200

Max active torrents 4 Max active downloads 3

I've tried many different settings, and even used Cablenut - everything i try makes no diference.

I am on a strong wireless connection, vista32 ultimate, BThomehub 8mb ISP,

is there any more info you could use to help me out.

Thanks for the help already, if you could clear up those above mentioned points a little for me I would be very grateful.


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Thanks for the info Jewelisheaven!!!

I've applied the changes, and in addition to that I've disabled DHT...don't know if that's gonna help, but the status bar kept saying that DHT was waiting to login, or DHT 0 nodes...AND, the status icon was yellow and red intermittently. Disabling DHT has turned the icon back to green, but my uploading is absolutely horrible still.

I wanted to figure out something I should download in order to test out the new settings, and believe it or not, IT"S GOTTEN WORSE!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Currently downloading a 600meg file with (17)834 seeders, and (1)324 leechers, and my download speed topped out at 5.9kb/s =(

Dude, I am so completely lost with this whole situation. No one tweak has worked for me even remotely, and most if not all have resulted in some kind of drop.

Sorry to keep singing the same old song, but any MORE light you could shine on this situation would be immensely appreciated =) Thank you SO MUCH for all the assistance you've offered me this far man, you have no idea how much the patience and effort is appreciated =)

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moneylife said:

Occasionally i get speeds up to 670kB/s but most of the time it maxs at either 20 or 40kB/s

Upload limit: 10kB/s Upload slots 8

Connections 40 Connections Global 200

Max active torrents 4 Max active downloads 3

Well, when you're only uploading at 10 KB/sec TOTAL...and splitting it potentially 32 ways (8 upload slots per torrent TIMES 4 torrents at once), then nobody's going to be very happy at how fast you're uploading to them. So they typically won't upload quickly back to you. Yet amazingly you're getting 2-4 times as much back. It has to balance somehow...with total download speed for the torrent roughly equaling total upload speed.

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