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Still dazed and confused. :)


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Hi all. I had posted a topic last week with regard to Seeding and misc info.

Here goes again, I've been seeding a particular file for 6 Days, 9 hours. I've only reached .645%! I have my Upload bandwith set to unlimited and see that I have the following info on the General tab (snapshot as of this writing):

Seeds: 0 of 9 connected (1 in swarm),

Peers: 31 of 78 connected (4 in swarm)

On the PEERS tab, I have about (average) 10 peers connecting etc. Average upspeed is around 11.5kps. I think I understand that it is the Peer's Speed that regulates the upload rate - regardless of my settings. To me this makes sense.

So, what does the above all mean. I've looked at alot of web sites with regard to the above info and nothing seems to be clear. If I google for "in swarM" or anything similar I get (of course) all kins of links to bees etc.

Also, what I don't understand is why after 6 days it is still seeding? I don't want to be a jerk and kill the seed, but at the same time, it's chewing bandwidth that I could use for other uploads/seeds/downloads.

Also, if I visit TorrentSiteA and a file has 33 seeds, then I visit TorrentSiteB, find the same file and it says that it has 56 seeds. Does this mean that seeds are crossing web sites (domains) for seeding information. OR does this mean that TorrentsiteA has the file seeded by 33 people AND TorrenSiteB has the same file seeded by 56 seeds OR is there one file and it is seeded 99 times?

Sorry if this all seems confusing and convoluted, but I'm still new at this and want to understand as much as possible so as not to affend or hurt the Torrent Community.

Thanks for any information.


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All of that is nice and good but irrelevant if your torrent has no seeders. I think you mean availability is .645, and you have 64.5% downloaded ;) In that case, you can't do anything, and I'd go where you downloaded the torrent and ask for a reseed. Depends in your situation. If you download / load into uT both torrents from A and B, and uT asks "do you want to add the trackers" it means theoretically the swarm will have as many peers as the two sites say combined. However there is no telling how many peers are duplicated (they already have loaded the torrent from A and B also).

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Hey jewelisheaven. Thx for the info.

For the .645%, what I mean is what uT is telling me. I've downloaded (in the case of this file) 7.99GB and uploaded 501GB (approx...). The RATIO is .645%. The download completed about 6 days ago, but is still seeding.

In any case, your comment regarding "Seeders" makes sense. BUT (ya had to know this was coming...), the upload rate is about 7.8kps and I have about 8 peers connected. So this tells me that 8 people are uploading, that is all good. Shouldn't I be listed as a Seeder, or is the "1 in swarm" me?

Finally, I suppose I just have to let this bad boy continue seeding until I achieve a 1.x ratio even if it takes another week or so?

Thanks again and cheers.

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This may sound crazy, but you'll upload faster if you set an upload speed limit.

Upload bandwith set to unlimited means slamming repeatedly into your ISP's set limit, which causes the ISP to auto-drop random packets to keep your upload speed in check. Sometimes those excess packets are important and have to be resent. Also, if you're above the set limit for more than a second or 2, you may see upload speed take a nosedive to way below max.

That's why a set limit is actually faster.

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