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BSOD every time I start utorrent


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Since 1-2 days, my system has become unstable, and often crashes in various ways. I feel it all started since I tried several versions of utorrent. (1.8 alpha, back to 1.7.6, then 1.7.7) For a while, there was a confusion with several versions installed and possibly running the same time (1.7.6 & 1.7.7) I now cleaned up the extra unwanted version in program files, but still got the issues. Here's the useful info to start with:

-Computer seems perfectly stable when utorrent does not run

-Freezes and eventually restarts a few minutes after utorrent is launched

-Sometimes get a BSOD, sometimes not.

-Got 2 different sorts of BSODs so far:

=> 0x00008086

=> 0X000000FC (0XA9EA6384, 0X3B036963, 0XA9EA66A8, 0X00000001

I run XP SP2 32bits.

I'll be glad to provide more info if it helps. Thanks!

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If there's a verbose error (IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL) that would help, or searching those stop codes...

Are you running any sort of security software, including antivirus, firewall, security suite, internet protection, blocklist, worm protection, resident scanner?

To start with other avenues of possible problems.. would you mind posting a HiJackThis log and/or a DLL list for the uT process from Process Explorer. Download process explorer zip, run procexp.exe, Ctrl-L, Ctrl-D, click utorrent.exe, Ctrl-A, copy paste below.

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IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL is oftern driver related... Other than that is the memory dump causing this. Try disable memory dump at My Computer>Properties>Advanced>Startup and Recovery> Uncheck everything and write debugging information change to None.

I also found some info on ther forum saying this may cause by ATI graphic card. But if you're or not using ATI, update all hardware drivers to latest.

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Hi all,

Many thanks for the so many good replies. I got now homework to do before I get back to you with more details.

In the mean time, let me say I've been running the same present config for many months without a single issue. I don't see what other change may have occurred on my system, except the upgrading of utorrent (as described in my 1st post)

@jewelisheaven: the only protection I'm running is Avast antivirus. I might try your suggestions if the issue still occurs.

@mrNickname: Yup, I got an ATI Radeon X850, although I did not recently changed its drivers. I now unchecked all like you proposed and will test again.

EDIT: Ok, here's more about the BSOD:

*** STOP: 0x00008086 (0X00000000, 0X00000000, etc.)

Before that, there is a long text that starts with: "A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer(...)"

I forgot to tell that each time before the crash there is a "click" noise that comes from the tower (sometimes 2X: click.. click) Everything quickly slows down and comp finally crashes after 1-2 minutes.

@mrNickname: unchecking the boxes in My Computer Properties did not help :(

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Yup, thanks. That's what I did before and that made me think of bad sectors. I'm completely new to it, so it's a hard dig. I just finished checking the concerned partition with "Spinrite". It took ages, but found a couple of bad sectors that could be recovered, and a couple that could not. I did not complete it though, given it got stuck for an hour at 33% of an item, so I canceled the work... The good news is I have been now able to move the file to another disk, without experiencing a crash.

I really got no idea how a bad sector occurs and why this happened to a brand new Samsung SATA 320gb; I feel it's got to do with the mess I went through upgrading / downgrading utorrent, as for a while it seems 2 different versions of it might have been running the same time and operating a hash check on that particular file.

My plan is to let it be for a while (been days I'm doing that only!) and see whether I again or not get a BSOD (hopefully not!)

It also made me realize of the various possible configuration of a drive in the BIOS, and that I might need an upgrade of drivers. That's more homework for a noobie ;)

Anyway, thanks a lot for supporting both practically and morally. I hope this post might help other users some day.

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