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suggestion for the unicode handeling.


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Didn't really now if I should have posted this in general or here in Feature Request

because its a suggestion not a request, but I chosed to post it here :)

Now when µTorrent uses unicode, it uses more memory then before or

atleast on torrent with lots of files.

Torrents in µTorrent has some individual settings, so I suggest the µTorrent should

sence in new torrent that loaded into µTorrent, if the torrent really need unicode,

if the torrent doesn't need unicode, then its individual setting it will be sett that

it should then use ANSI instead.

If there is no good way to check if a torrent needs unicode,

then maybe there should be a quick option to turn it of for a torrent or

that µTorrent automaticlly turn of unicode if torrent contains x amount of files.

So what do you guys think about this? :)

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Everything is Unicode internally (as it should be, don't make me quote the BT spec again), so this isn't really possible. Not even the ANSI mode on Windows 9x is ANSI, it's just UTF-8 internally wrapped to ANSI.

µTorrent already parses non-UTF-8 torrents as whatever encoding they're supposed to be, but internally it's still Unicode.

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