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can't get my port to forward


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im pretty new to this stuff and have been having trouble with my utorrent settings. The network icon at the bottom of the window is mostly yellow but is sometimes red. I have tried forwarding my port several times and according to the modem (im not using a router) the port which i am using is forwarded and the application is also allowed. The firewalls on the computer are also allowing the port and application. My OS is windows vista on a notebook computer. The speeds don't change when i am wirelessly connetced or have a hardline connection and am directly pluged into the modem.

The test torrent "open office" downloaded at an avg of 250 kB/s and peaked at 305 kB/s with about 35 seeders connected out of 640. . . but all other torrents avg 20 kB/s and spike at 50 kB/s and connect to about 20 seeders out of 300. . .once over the weekend it spiked to 800 kB/s. . . the modem im using is a 2wire 1000sw and i currently have a 3000 kB/s download and a 512kB/s upload rate. . . but the dsl reports said i have some window browser limiting my upload speeds.

The settings im using on my utorrent are the xx/2Mbit settings is there anything that i can do to possibly increase my download rate. i've tried messing with the different settings on the speed guide and the preferences too, im all out of ideas.

Availability is above 20 for most of the time for the torrents (not really sure what that is thought) and i dont' have any hashfails (not sure what that is either)

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Firstly, you have a 3000 kilobits/second download and a 512 kilobits/second upload rate.

So you'll need to use xx/512k OR SLOWER in Speed Guide (CTRL+G).

You still have a firewall blocking uTorrent from receiving incoming connections...this is no doubt killing your speeds.

...Lastly, why is it people only care about their DOWNLOAD rates?

Tweaking uTorrent to make it run smoother more closely concerns the UPLOAD speed and upload settings!

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my upload speeds avg. about 150 kB/s per torrent which is why i am confused.

when i change to the xx/512k setting my speeds drop to less than 10 kB/s download and 50 kB/s upload for each torrent. . .

well i don't know where the other firewall could be the windows firewall has been forwarded the modem has been forwarded and my internet seccurity service as forwarded. . .but it is still obviously being limited. . .

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