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Alphabetizing Torrents


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1. Is there a way you can drag the torrents to be placed in an order of your choice? Or have them in order from oldest to newest? (The Up and Down button does not do anything).

2. Is there a way to get rid of the colored "Downloaded - Availability" status bars from the Detailed Info area?

3. Is there a way to improve upload speed?

4. What's the point of labeling something?

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1.) Not to my knowledge, but it has been asked before, IIRC.

2.) No, but you can press F5 to hide the Detailed Info screen, or just click on another tab (Peers, for instance). :)

3.) Assuming you get Network OK, cap your download and upload to ~75% of its maximum...

4.) No idea, never used it so I don't know why it was even implemented in the first place. :/

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i'm a new user of utorrent,since yesterday, and i think it work really well.

bravo to all developers.

i finally found how to use the up/down button.

to change the torrent order manually, with the up down button...

you need to click on the "#" colomn.

then, the up/down button will work...BUT only with downloading torrent. this doesn't seem to work on torrent seeding.

to cap the speed globally...

option, preference, network option, global max upload/download speed.

and, to cap for each torrent, one at a time...

right click on a torrent, proprieties, and choose max upload/download speed...for each torrent, one at a time...

anyone know if???

i want to update to tracker each 20 minutes(30 minutes default).

is there an option to change it?

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