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Download stopped, won't seed... Please advice.


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I guess my other thread got hijacked. I had no idea that could happen.


Here, I've pasted the part from the thread that I think I'm dealing with now...

(On the general tab what is the availability?? multuiply that by 100 to get %, and if your % downloaded = availability you can't download more without connecting to seeds.)

So yeah, I have 97.4% downloaded and .974 availability with

0 (2) SEEDS

4 (25) PEERS

There WAS a little uploading going on.

Shouldn't the seeds be 2 (2)? Why isn't it?

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I have a feeling that will never happen.

Oh I see the flags column now... Yeah, there are some I's in there, along with H's and X's and E's. They all have the same % I have written next to them. Does that mean we're all waiting for the original source, or something? Where's the dude with 100%? Is there such a thing or am I not getting it?

That was a cool link you gave me up there. I'll have to read that.

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